Provision nodes for VMware Solution by CloudSimple - Azure

Nodes are the building blocks of a Private Cloud. A node is a dedicated bare metal compute host where a VMware ESXi hypervisor is installed. To create a Private Cloud, you need a minimum of three nodes of the same SKU. To expand a Private Cloud, you can add nodes to an existing cluster or create a new cluster by provisioning nodes in the Azure portal and associating them with the CloudSimple service.

Provisioned nodes provide pay-as-you-go capacity. Provisioning nodes helps you quickly scale your VMware cluster on demand. You can add nodes as needed or delete a provisioned node to scale down your VMware cluster. All provisioned nodes are visible under the CloudSimple service. Provisioned nodes are billed on a monthly basis and charged to the subscription where they're provisioned. For more on provisioned nodes, see CloudSimple nodes overview.

Add a provisioned node to your CloudSimple Private Cloud

  1. Select All services.
  2. Search for CloudSimple Nodes.

    Search CloudSimple Nodes

  3. Select CloudSimple Nodes.

  4. Click Add to create nodes.

    Add CloudSimple Nodes

  5. Select the subscription where you want to provision CloudSimple nodes.

  6. Select the resource group for the nodes so the nodes can be managed as a single entity. To add a new resource group, click Create New.
  7. Enter the name prefix to identify the nodes.
  8. Select the location for the node resources.
  9. Select the dedicated location to host the node resources.
  10. Select the node type. You can choose the CS28 or CS36 option. The latter option includes the maximum compute and memory capacity.
  11. Select the number of nodes to provision.
  12. Select Review + Create.
  13. Review the settings. To modify any settings, click Previous.
  14. Select Create.

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