Delete nodes from VMware Solution by CloudSimple - Azure

CloudSimple nodes are metered once they are created. Nodes must be deleted to stop metering of the nodes. You delete the nodes that are not used from the zure portal.

Before you begin

A node can be deleted only under following conditions:

Sign in to Azure

Sign in to the Azure portal at

Delete CloudSimple Node

  1. Select All services.

  2. Search for CloudSimple Nodes.

Search CloudSimple Nodes

  1. Select CloudSimple Nodes.

  2. Select nodes that don't belong to a Private Cloud to delete. PRIVATE CLOUD NAME column shows the Private Cloud name to which a node belongs to. If a node is not used by a Private Cloud, the value is empty.

    Select CloudSimple Nodes


Only nodes that are not a part of the Private Cloud can be deleted.

Next steps

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