Delete a CloudSimple Private Cloud

CloudSimple provides the flexibility to delete a Private Cloud. A Private Cloud consists of one or more vSphere clusters. Each cluster can have 3 to 16 nodes. When you delete a Private Cloud, all clusters are deleted.

Before you begin

Deletion of a Private Cloud deletes the entire Private Cloud. All components of the Private Cloud are deleted. If you want to keep any of the data, ensure that you've backed up the data to on-premises storage or Azure storage.

The components of a Private Cloud include:

  • CloudSimple nodes
  • Virtual machines
  • VLANs/Subnets
  • All user data stored on the Private Cloud
  • All firewall rule attachments to a VLAN/Subnet

Sign in to Azure

Sign in to the Azure portal at

Delete a Private Cloud

  1. Access the CloudSimple portal.

  2. Open the Resources page.

  3. Click on the Private Cloud you want to delete

  4. On the summary page, click Delete.

    Delete private cloud

  5. On the confirmation page, enter the name of the Private Cloud and click Delete.

    Delete private cloud - confirm

The Private Cloud is marked for deletion. The deletion process starts after three hours and deletes the Private Cloud.


Nodes must be deleted after deletion of the Private Cloud. Metering of nodes continues till nodes are deleted from your subscription.

Next steps

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