Register the Microsoft.VMwareCloudSimple resource provider on your Azure subscription

The CloudSimple service allows you to consume Azure VMware Solution by CloudSimple. You can register the Microsoft.VMwareCloudSimple service as your resource provider.

Register the resource provider

After the CloudSimple service is enabled for your subscription, you can enable the resource provider on the subscription. In the Azure portal, select the service and then select the Microsoft.VMwareCloudSimple resource provider and register it.

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.
  2. Select All services.
  3. Search for and select subscriptions. Select subscriptions
  4. Select the subscription on which you want to enable the CloudSimple service.
  5. Click Resource providers for the subscription.
  6. Use Microsoft.VMwareCloudSimple to filter the resource provider.
  7. Select Microsoft.VMwareCloudSimple and click Register. Register resource provider

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