CloudSimple node quota limits

Four nodes is the default quantity available for provisioning when your subscription is enabled for the CloudSimple service. You can provision any node type from the Azure portal. At least three nodes of the same SKU are required to create a Private Cloud. If you've already provisioned the nodes, you may see an error when you try to provisioned additional nodes.

Quota increase

You can increase the node quota by submitting a support request. The service operations team will evaluate the request, and work with you to increase node quota. Select the following options when you open a new ticket:

  • Issue type: Technical
  • Subscription: Your subscription ID
  • Service type: VMware Solution by CloudSimple
  • Problem type: Dedicated Nodes quota
  • Problem subtype: Increase quota of dedicated nodes
  • Subject: Quota increase

In the details of the support ticket, provide the required number of nodes and node SKU.

You can also contact your Microsoft account representative at to increase the node quota on your subscription. You'll need to provide the:

  • Subscription ID
  • Node SKU
  • Number of additional nodes for which you're requesting the quota increase

Next steps

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